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Greater Manchester Broadband Community Chest

Providing virtual “drop ins” for people suffering from mental health problems. The project will utilize broadband technology to enable service users to access advice and support in non-traditional /non-stigmatized settings across Greater Manchester.

Using live streaming, service users will be able to access the advice of professionals and hear stories from those who have overcome or are recovering from a mental health problem. This project will specifically target groups which mainstream mental health service providers have repeatedly neglected and will be broadcast in a variety of languages, further increasing accessibility.   

Project Outline 

EHF want to introduce a new concept of drop-ins by introducing Broadband dependent internet technologies (Video Conferencing) and bridging the digital divide by enabling wider BME communities to access content rich web information.

As it is a pilot project therefore EHF will limit the extent of this project around mental health.

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Screenshot of live webcast        Image of community group attending live webcast session


How will we achieve this? 

  1. We will select 5 most active South Asian mental health organisations in Greater Manchester (Rochdale, Oldham, Bury, Manchester. The selection criteria will be:
     - Presence of drop-in activity
     - Access to PC and Broadband
  1. EHF staff skills development in Live Streaming technique which is broadband reliant provided by MDDA
  1. Coordination and skills development among identified groups in the use of streaming during their drop-in sessions
  1. Liaison with mental health professionals and to organise themes for live streaming and content collection  like stigma around mental health, stress ,  treatments /alternative therapies, new mental health act and its impact, welfare rights advice. The speakers will deliver their talk in South Asian languages where web audience can interact with speaker by asking questions using video conferencing, chat, E-mails and telephone.
  2. Link and coordinate with Live streaming providers - MDDA
  1. Mock rehearsals --- these will be organised in non stigmatising environment away from traditional settings into more socially acceptable options about  venues and timings e.g. restaurants where we will also pilot MDDA suggested mobile 3G Communication System. 
  1.  Feedback, evaluation and monitoring throughout the project
  1. Report writing and dissemination

       Image of group watching live webcast          Screenshot of live webcast and list of users



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