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"Cross boundary participatory profiling of cancer related psycho social oncology services for Black & Minority Ethnic Communities"

At present  there is an important gap in the area of cancer support services that specifically target minority ethnic communities in the UK. It is well documented (e.g. Kleinman 1988, Bracken 1993) that dominant Western biomedical frameworks for responding to the socio-psychological needs of people from BME communities are inappropriate.

Through linkages that have developed between Salford and Central Manchester PCT’s, the BME mental health voluntary sector and the Revans Institute, University of Salford there is an impetus to begin to tackle this issue, as it relates to psychosocial oncology (National Cancer Action Team – Newsletter, Edition three, December 2000), using a proactive and strategic approach.


·        Increasing awareness of this gap in psychosocial oncology

·        Building organisational capacity to tackle this complex and sensitive issue within both health and social care and, specifically, BME communities

·        Identification of a network of BME’s service users and their families for involvement in subsequent participatory action research to develop the services

·        Profile of services currently available within the HAZ locality

·        Pilot approach for generating provider participation in BME related service development

·        Pilot template for how to profile and develop BME related services within psychosocial oncology

·        Identification of individuals within both statutory and voluntary organisations who can compose an informed steering group to take this work forward in appropriate ways.

               Detailed report will soon be available to download ........... !   

Interview with Isaac Dweben, Chief Executive Cancer Black Care, London

Health through Action Department of Health The University of SALFORD

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